Solve the business process and data security challenges that limit health system access to innovative Health IT vendors.




Stratus has developed a critical infrastructure layer that unleashes the promise of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence in healthcare. As a neutral third party, Stratus works with both health systems and innovative companies to remove the major roadblocks that prevent them from working together. Through our technology, vendors can deploy with health systems in days, not years.

For the last 4 years, Stratus has been helping select health systems and vendors deploy machine learning and AI applications that access sensitive health system data. Our systems are being used daily by some of the top health systems in the world.





  • Pilot and deploy Health IT vendors faster and more securely

  • Alleviate concerns about outside vendor cyber security

  • Seamlessly adopt apps from Epic AppOrchard or Cerner Code

  • Provide your internal innovation teams with a modern stack



  • Expedite sales and deployment at new health systems

  • Confidently meet the requirements of health system CIOs and CISOs

  • Standardize your deployment across all customers

  • Solve the security and compliance needs of major health systems




David Burdick

Chief Executive Officer

Over the last 15 years, David has been driven by a passion for applying the latest technology to solve some of the most perplexing problems in research and healthcare delivery. David has deep expertise in workflow design, data engineering, data analytics and has been a key architect of applications that deploy machine learning and AI decision support in clinical settings. His work has spanned both academia and industry in biotechnology, translational medicine, and clinical delivery. Previous companies include Sage Bionetworks, Covance and the Institute for Systems Biology.


Ben Li-Sauerwine, PhD

Chief Technical Officer

Ben’s experience spans both massive scale cloud engineering as well as machine learning and data science. At Google he made significant contributions to Google Cloud Platform’s infrastructure and performed petabyte scale data science on the ads team. After completing a PhD in Biophysics from Carnegie Mellon he pursued data science in genomics at Sage Bionetworks, software engineering for medical record NLP and delivery of AI in the clinical setting.    


Nirav Shah, MD, MPH

Strategic Partnerships

Dr. Shah is a leader in patient safety and quality, innovation and digital health, and the strategies required to transition to lower-cost, patient-centered health care. Board-certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Shah is a graduate of Harvard College and Yale School of Medicine, and is an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine. He is a Senior Scholar at Stanford University’s Clinical Excellence Research Center and previously he served as SVP and COO for clinical operations for Kaiser Permanente in Southern California, and as Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health.


Chris Mutzel

Principal Architect

Chris brings deep experience in deploying and managing enterprise cloud-based applications at scale. As an engineer at ServiceNow, he wrote software to automate the application lifecycle across a global fleet of data centers while the company experienced rapid growth. Later he worked with F5 Networks’ leading edge customers in regulated industries to adopt new cloud application topologies and processes for network service automation.     


Amber Ratcliffe, MBA

Business Strategy Advisor

For the last 20 years Amber’s career success has been driven by her passion for innovation and entrepreneurship and has spanned academia, product, and service industries. She has deep experience building companies and developing products and services for businesses and consumers. Markets have included genomics, biotechnology, software as a service, and consumer healthcare. Past companies of note have included NanoString Technologies where she was instrumental in founding and growing the life science tools company for the first 8 years, and Carena, Inc. where she was a key player in creating the business model and service offering for direct to consumer virtual visits.


Erich Huang, MD, PhD

Founding Advisor

Co-Director of Duke Forge, and Assistant Dean for Biomedical Informatics at Duke University School of Medicine, Dr. Huang is building a data science culture and infrastructure across Duke University that focuses on actionable health data science. His interests span applied machine learning, research provenance, data infrastructure and founding digital health startups. 



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